We are small family kennel, specialized in dachshunds longhaired miniature and kaninchen. We have five females: GWENDY z Kublova (black and tan, kaninchen), ICH. CIBETKA z Nedosínského háje (black and tan, miniature), CH. GWENDY z Nedosinskeho haje (red, kaninchen), HERBA z Nedosinskeho haje (black and tan, miniature) and ROUTA z Nedosinskeho haje and one stud male: PAUL vom Nordender Rosengrund (chocolate and tan, miniature). We are specialized first in colour black and tan, but we breed red or chocolate and tan puppies from time to time.
Our aspiration is breeding of healthy, viable and good socialized puppies.

In 2005 we imported Gos d'Atura Catala SENDA de Valdegoscan.

Where we live?

Bechovice are situated at the periphery of Prague.

Why "z Nedosinskeho haje?"

Vackův chov pstruhů

Z Nedosinskeho haje mean from Nedosin wood. Nedosin is a small village near Czech town Litomysl. My mother come from this village. My great-great-grandfather the miller Kaspar VACEK base the first trout's fish-pond in Czech in 1862 here.

1937 - VACKUV CHOV PSTRUHU = Vacek's breeding of trouts

1905 - on the foot bridge in front mill in Nedosin

1915 - fish-pond in Nedosin

About me

Hello! My name is Zdenka Vesela. I am owner of kennel "z Nedosinského háje" since 1997 (since my 18th). I studied breeding of animals at Czech Agriculture University in Prague. Now I am postgraduate student at this university and I work in Research Institute of Animal Science in Prague.